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Five element differentiation


Beef: neutral, sweet, Sp & St Qi & Blood Tonic

Lamb: warm, sweet, Sp, Ki, Qi Tonic, Warms Interior

Venison: warm, salty, Sp Qi Tonic, Produces fluids, subdues Reb. Qi

Pork: neutral, sweet & salty, Sp, St, Ki, Lubricates dryness (Ni: sl. cold)

Duck: neutral, sweet & salty, Lu, Ki, Facilitates water passage, reduces, swellings

Chicken: warm, sweet, Sp, St, Qi Tonic, Warms Interior

Chicken egg: neutral, sweet, Blood tonic, lubricates dryness

Egg white: cool, sweet, detoxifies, lubricates Lu, cools hot sensations, benefits throat

Egg yolk: neutral, sweet, Ht & Ki, blood tonic, lubricates dryness

Eggshell: checks gastric acid, arrests bleeding

Milk: neutral, sweet, Ht, Lu, St, Lu & St tonic, produces fluids & lubricates the intestines

Butter: warm, sweet, Yang, Qi & Blood tonic, circulates blood

Shrimp: warm, sweet, Kidney Yang tonic

Eel: warm, sweet, Liv, Sp, Ki, Qi tonic, treats Bi syndrome, strengthens bone

Mussel: warm, salty, Liv & Ki Qi tonic, treats simple goiter

Abalone: neutral, sweet & salty, detoxifies, sharpens vision

Carp: neutral, sweet, Sp & St, facilitates water passage, promotes milk secretion, heals swelling

Cuttlefish: neutral, salty, Liv & Ki, Blood tonic, sharpens vision

Oyster: neutral, sweet & salty, Blood tonic

Oyster shell: cool, salty, Liv & Ki, stops sweating, astringes Jing, softens hardness

Saltwater clam: cold, salty, St, promotes water passage, eliminates phlegm, softens hardness

Freshwater clam: cold, sweet & salty, Liv & Ki, detoxifies, sharpens vision

Crab: cold, salty, Liv & St, activates blood, cools heat sensations facilitates recovery of dislocations

Kelp: cold, salty, St, softens hardness, facilitates water passage
Seaweed: cold, salty, softens hardness, eliminates phlegm, promotes water passage

Five element differentiation


Glutinous rice: warm, sweet, Sp, St, Lu, Sp Qi tonic

Malt: sl. warm, sweet, Sp & St, promotes digestion

White rice: neutral, sweet, Sp & St, Sp Qi tonic

Rice bran: neutral, sweet & pungent, St, LI, descends energy

Rye: neutral, bitter, dries dampness, diuretic

Whole wheat: cool, sweet, Ht, Sp, Ki, Ht & Ki tonic

Wheat bran: cool, sweet, St, cools St Fire

Buckwheat: cool, sweet, LI, St, Sp, Qi & Blood tonic, clears Heat sedates Yang

Job’s Tears: cool, sweet, Sp, Lu Ki, detoxifies, Sp & Lu Qi tonic, diuretic

Barley: cool, sweet & salty, Sp & St, regulates St, expands intestines, promotes urination

Millet: cool, sweet & salty, St, Sp, Ki, Qi & Blood tonic, clears heat, lubricates dryness, Tonifies Yin, benefits digestion detoxifies

Soybean Oil: hot, pungent & sweet, lubricates intestines Sword bean: warm, sweet, Ki, St & LI: warms interior, tonifies Ki, descends Reb Qi.

String bean: neutral, sweet, Sp & Ki, Qi, Blood & Yin tonic

Yellow soybean: neutral, sweet, Sp & LI, Qi tonic, lubricates dryness, eliminates edema

Black soybean: neutral, sweet, Sp & Ki, circulates Blood & fluids treats Bi syndrome, detoxifies

Corn: neutral, sweet, LI & St, Qi & Blood tonic, diuretic

Hyacinth bean: neutral, sweet, Sp & St, Qi tonic, eliminates edema

Broad bean: neutral, sweet, Sp & St, Qi tonic, eliminates edema

Peas: neutral, sweet, Sp & St, Qi & Blood tonic, descends Reb Qi, diuretic, induces bowel movements

Kidney bean: neutral, sweet & bland, diuretic, heals swellings

Adzuki bean: neutral, sweet & sour, Ht & SI, diuretic, heals swellings, detoxifies

Castor bean: neutral, sweet & pungent, Lu & LI, detoxifies & heals swellings, induces bowel movements

Mung bean: cool, sweet, Ht & St, detoxifies, clears heat, diuretic

Soybean: cool, sweet, LI & Sp, Qi & Blood tonic, clears Heat, lubricates dryness, eliminates edema

Tofu: cool, sweet, Sp, St, LI, Qi tonic, produces fluids, lubricates dryness, detoxifies

Walnut: warm, sweet, Ki & Lu, Ki tonic, lubricates intestines, astringes Jing

Chestnut: warm sweet, Sp, St & Ki tonic, circulates Blood & stops bleeding

Peanut: neutral, sweet, Sp & Lu, Qi & Blood tonic, lubricates Lu, harmonizes stomach

Peanut Oil: neutral, sweet, Qi & Blood tonic, lubricates intestines, pushes accumulations downward

Almond: neutral, sweet, Lu, Qi & Blood tonic, lubricates Lu, relieves cough, transforms phlegm, lowers Reb Qi

Cottonseed: hot, pungent, Sp & Ki, Sp & Ki tonic, arrests bleeding, stops Sp Qi sinking

Sunflower seed: warm & neutral, sweet & bland, Liv & LI, stops diarrhea, facilitates eruption of measles, subdue Liv

Pinenut: warm, sweet, Lu, LI & Liv, lubricates Lu & LI, stops cough, Qi, Yang & Blood tonic, promotes fluids, moves Stagnant Blood, expels cold & wind

Dill seed: warm, pungent, Sp & Ki, Qi & Yang tonic, moves Stagnant Blood, regulates Qi, expels cold

Fennel seed: warm, pungent, St, UB & Ki, Qi & Yang tonic, moves Stagnant Blood, regulates Qi, expels cold, harmonizes St

Bitter apricot seed: warm, pungent & bitter, toxic, Lu & LI, stops cough, relieves asthma, lubricates intestines

Sweet apricot seed: warm, pungent & sweet, Lu, LI, Sp, Sp Qi tonic, lubricates intestines, stops cough

Sesame seed: sl. warm, sweet, Liv & Ki tonic, lubricates intestines, “blackens” gray hair, general tonic

Black sesame seed: neutral, sweet, Liv & Ki tonic

Cherry seed: neutral, bitter & pungent, LI, promotes measle eruption, detoxifies

Lotus seed: neutral, sweet & harsh, Sp, Ht & Ki tonic, Qi & Blood tonic, constricts the intestines

Sesame oil: cool, sweet, St, detoxifies, lubricates dryness, promotes bowel movements, produces muscles


Guava: warm, sweet, (St & LI) obstructive & constrictive, stops diarrhea & bleeding

Chinese Date (red & black): warm, sweet, Sp & St, Qi & Blood tonic, produces fluids, detoxifies,

Longan (Long Yan/Dragon’s Eyes): warm, sweet, Sp & Ht, Yang, Qi & Blood tonic, removes Blood Stag., calms Shen

Coconut milk & meat: warm, sweet, produce fluids, promote urination, kills intestinal worms

Peach: warm, sweet & sour, (Lu & LI), activates Blood, Qi, Blood & Yang tonic, produces fluid, lubricates intestines, stops cough, expels cold

Raspberry: warm, sweet & sour, Liv & Ki, Liv & Ki tonic, controls urination, astringes Jing

Litchi: warm, sweet & sour, Sp & Liv, Yang, Qi & Blood tonic, Regulates Qi & Blood, soothes Liv & calms Shen

Cherry: warm, sweet & harsh: Qi, Yang, & Blood tonic, activates Qi & Blood, expels Cold, Wind, & Damp

Kumquat: warm, pungent, sweet & sour, (Lu & Sp), circulates Qi, relieves cough, transforms Phlegm

Dried Mandarin orange peel: warm, pungent & bitter, Sp & Lu, regulates Qi, dries dampness, transforms Phlegm

Hawthorn Fruit: sl. warm, sweet & sour, Sp, St & Liv, harmonizes Middle Jiao, removes Qi, Blood & Food Stagnation (over-eating, esp. meat), expels tapeworms

Papaya: neutral, sweet, (Sp, St, Lu & LI), promotes digestion, destroys intestinal worms, lubricates Lu, stops cough

Figs: neutral, sweet, Sp & LI, St tonic, detoxifies

Grape: neutral, sweet & sour, Lu, Sp & Ki, Qi & Blood tonic, strengthens tendons & bones, promotes urination

Crab apple: neutral, sweet & sour, Ht, Liv & Lu, quenches thirst, stops diarrhea, astringes Jing

Olive: neutral, sweet & sour, Lu & St, Qi & Blood tonic, clears Lu, benefits throat, produces fluids, detoxifies

Loquat: neutral, (sweet & sl. bitter),(Lu, St & Liv), lubricates dryness, harmonizes St & soothes Liv, descends Reb. Qi, stops cough

Apricot: neutral, sweet & sour, Lu, lubricates Lu, produces fluids

Pineapple: neutral, sweet & sour, Qi & Blood tonic, promotes urination & digestion, quenches thirst, stops diarrhea, clears Summer Heat

Plum: neutral, sweet & sour, Liv & Ki, produces fluids, promotes digestion & urination, soothes the Liv

Sour Plum: neutral, ex. sour, Liv, produces fluids, destroys worms

Lemon: cool, ex. sour, promotes fluids, harmonizes St, relieves thirst

Mango: cool, sweet & sour, (St & Lu), Qi & Blood tonic, benefits St, relieves vomiting, quenches thirst, diuretic

Mandarin Orange: cool, sweet & sour, (Lu), diuretic, lubricates Lu, relieves cough, transforms Phlegm

Apple: cool, sweet & sour, Lu & St, produces fluids, lubricates Lu, promotes digestion, relieves intoxication

Strawberry: cool, sweet & sour, Lu & Sp, lubricates Lu, produces fluids, detoxifies alcohol

Pear: cool, sweet & sl. sour, Lu & St, produces fluids, lubricates dryness, transforms phlegm, clears Heat

Persimmon: cold, sweet, Ht, SI, Lu (& Sp), Qi, Blood & Yin tonic, quenches thirst, lubricates Lu, benefits Sp, clears Heat (** do not eat on empty stomach!)

Watermelon: cold, sweet, Ht, St & UB, promotes urination, lubricates intestines, quenches thirst, clears Summer Heat, detoxifies

Banana: cold, sweet, lubricates intestine, detoxifies

Grapefruit: cold, sweet & sour, (St & Sp) harmonizes Middle Jiao, circulates Qi, detoxifies alcohol.

Star Fruit (Carambola): cold, sweet & sour, (St, Ki & UB) clears Heat, produces fluids, promotes urination(treats stone Lin), detoxifies

Muskmelon: cold, sweet, Ht & St, clears Heat, quenches thirst, promotes urination,


Leek: warm, pungent, Liv & Lu, Qi & Yang tonic, regulates Qi, removes Blood Stagnation, expels Cold, sedates Yin, clears St Fire

Scallions: warm, pungent, Lu & St, Assists Yang, tonifies & regulates Qi, clears Heat, sedates Yang, dries Damp, diuretic, removes Blood stagnation, expels Cold

Mustard Greens: warm, pungent, Lu, Qi & Yang Tonic, circulates Qi & Blood, expels cold, sedates Yin, expands Lu, transforms Phlegm

Squash: warm sweet, Sp & St, Qi, Yang & Blood tonic, circulates Blood, heals inflammation, relieves pain

Chinese cabbage: neutral, sweet, St & LI, promotes digestion & urination, tonifies Ki & Brain.

Carrot: neutral, sweet, Lu & St, Sp Qi tonic, dries dampness & Phlegm

Corn: neutral, sweet, St & LI, Qi & Blood tonic, regulates Middle Jiao stimulates appetite, diuretic

Black Fungus: neutral, sweet, St & LI, Qi & Blood tonic, cools Blood, stops bleeding

White Fungus: neutral, sweet, Lu, Yin tonic, produces fluids, lubricates Lu

Pumpkin: neutral, sweet, (Lu & Sp), Qi & Blood tonic, dries Damp, diaphoretic

Potato: neutral, sweet, Sp, Sp Qi tonic, heals inflammation

Sweet Potato: neutral, sweet, Lu, Sp & Ki, Qi, Blood & Yin tonic, benefits Kidneys, astringes Jing

Shiitake Mushroom: neutral, sweet, St, Qi & Blood tonic, benefits St

Celery: neutral, sweet bitter, St & Liv, Qi & Blood tonic, clears Heat, sedates Yang, dries Damp, calms Liver, expels Wind

Taro: neutral, sweet & pungent, St & LI, Qi, Yang & Blood tonic, circulates Qi & Blood, clears Heat, reduces swellings

Turnip: neutral, sweet, pungent, bitter, Qi, Yang & Blood tonic, circulates Qi & Blood, clears Heat & Yang, dries Damp, diaphoretic, lowers Reb. Qi, detoxifies Yin tonic, clears Heat & Fire, dries Damp, clears Lu, lubricates Dryness, diaphoretic

Alfalfa sprouts: cool, bitter, St & Sp, benefits St & Sp, dispels Damp- ness, lubricates intestines

Asparagus: cool, sweet & bitter, Lu & Ki, Qi, Blood & Yin tonic, clears Heat & Fire, dries Damp, lubricates Dryness, clears Lu, diaphoretic

Lettuce (Iceberg): cool, bitter & sweet, St & LI, Qi & Blood tonic, clears Heat & Yang, dries Dampness & diuretic, aids lactation

Cucumber: cool, sweet, Sp, St & LI, clears Heat Yang, & detoxifies, promotes urination & quenches thirst

Eggplant: cool, sweet, Sp, St & LI, Qi & Blood tonic, clears Heat & Yang, removes Blood Stagnation, relieves pain, heals swelling

Mushroom (button): cool, sweet, Lu, LI, St & Sp, Qi & Blood tonic, clears Heat & Yang, calms Shen, stimulates appetite, regulates Qi, transforms Phlegm

Spinach: cool, sweet, LI & SI, Qi & Blood tonic, clears Heat & Yang, hemostatic, lubricates Dryness

Winter Melon: cool, sweet, Lu, LI, UB, & SI, detoxifies, diuretic, transforms Phlegm

Swiss Chard: cool, sweet, Su, LI, Sp & St, Qi Y Blood tonic, clears Heat & Yang, detoxifies, hemostatic, relieves coagulations

Watercress: cool, sweet & pungent, Lu & St, Qi, Yang & Blood tonic, circulates Qi & Blood, clears Heat & Yang, lubricates Lu, quenches thirst, diuretic

Radish: cool, pungent & sweet, Lu & St, Qi, & Blood tonic, clears Heat & detoxifies, transforms Phlegm-Heat, lowers Reb. Qi

Bamboo shoot: cold, sweet, Tonifies Qi, Blood & Yin, clears Heat, detoxifies (often used to balance warm energy of meat)

Kelp: cold, salty, St & Sp, Yin tonic, clears Heat, lubricates Dryness, softens Hardness, promotes flow of Water

Lotus Root: cold, sweet, Sp St & Ht, Qi, Blood & Yin tonic, cools Blood (when raw), stimulates appetite, produces muscles, relieves diarrhea (when cooked)

Water Chestnut: cold, sweet, Lu & St, clears heat, Yin tonic, trans- forms Phlegm, diuretic

Lettuce (Romaine): cold, bitter, LI & St, Qi & Blood tonic, clears Heat & Yang, dries Dampness, diuretic

Dried Ginger: hot, pungent, Lu, St & Sp, Yang & Qi tonic, circulates Blood, warms Middle Jiao, opens the meridians

Pepper (black & white): hot, pungent, St & LI, warms interior, descends Reb. Qi

Pepper (red & green): hot, pungent, Ht & Sp, warms interior, harmonizes Middle Jiao, stimulates appetite

Cinnamon Bark: hot, sweet & pungent, Sp, Ki, UB, diaphoretic, strengthens St, warms surface & interior

Fennel Seed: warm, pungent, Ki, UB, St, Warms Interior, circulates Qi

Sweet Basil: warm, pungent, Lu, LI, Sp, St, Qi & Yang tonic, circulates Qi & Blood, harmonizes St

Dillseed: warm, pungent, Sp & Ki, Qi & Yang tonic, circulates Qi & Blood

Garlic: warm, pungent, Sp, St & Lu, Qi & Yang tonic, circulates Qi & Blood, warms Middle Jiao, destroys worms

Clove: warm, pungent, St, Sp & Ki, Yang tonic, warms Interior

Fresh Ginger: warm, pungent, Lu, St & Sp, diaphoretic, Yang & Qi tonic, circulates Blood, transforms Phlegm, stops vomiting

Coriander: warm pungent, Lu & Sp, diaphoretic, harmonizes Middle Jiao

Nutmeg: warm pungent, Sp & LI, Qi & Yang tonic, warms Interior, circulates Blood, warms Middle Jiao, lowers Reb. Qi

Cinnamon Twig: warm, pungent & sweet, UB, Ht, Lu, diaphoretic, warms Upper Jiao

Star Anise: warm, pungent & sweet, Sp, Ki, Liv, Yang tonic, circulates Qi, harmonizes St, stops vomiting

Caraway Seed: warm, sl. pungent, Ki & St, circulates Qi, descends Reb Qi

Spearmint: warm, pungent & sweet, (Lu & Sp), diaphoretic, circulates Qi & Blood

Ginseng: warm, sweet, & sl bitter, Sp, Lu (Ht), Qi tonic, produces fluids, calms Shen

Rosemary: warm, pungent, (Lu, St), diaphoretic, activates Blood, strengthens St, calms Shen

Saffron: neutral, sweet, Ht & Liv, circulates Qi & Blood, eliminates Blood Stagnation

Licorice: neutral, sweet, Sp, St & Lu, lubricates lungs, detoxifies, moderates effects of other herbs

Peppermint: cool, pungent, Lu & Liv, diaphoretic, regulates Qi & Blood

Marjoram: cool, pungent, (Lu & Sp), diaphoretic, circulates Qi, drains dampness

Miscellaneous Foods
Brown sugar: warm, sweet, Liv, Sp & St, Qi tonic, circulates blood

Vinegar: warm, sour & bitter, Liv & St, disperses coagulations, detoxifies, arrest bleeding

Wine: warm, sweet, bitter & pungent, Ht, Liv, Lu & St, promotes blood circulation, expels cold, speeds up effects of herbs

Coffee: warm, sweet & bitter, Ht, Heart tonic, stimulant, diuretic

Molasses: warm, sweet, Lu & Sp, Qi tonic, lubricates Lu, stops cough

White sugar: neutral, sweet, Lu & Sp, lubricates Lu, produces fluids, Qi tonic

Honey: neutral, sweet, Lu, Sp & LI, detoxifies, lubricates dryness, relieves pain

Tea: sl cold, bitter, sweet, Ht, Lu & St, quenches thirst, promotes digestion & urination, awakens Shen

Salt: cold, salty, St, Ki, SI & LI, detoxifies, clears Heat, lubricates dryness, Yin tonic

The Tao of Nutrition, by Dr. Ni
Chinese System of Food Cures, by Henry Lu