I am simply a very skilled conduit by which people heal themselves.

 In their own words:

“I had No idea I could even feel like this! You fixed my spirit! Forgot the pain, that doesn’t even matter anymore!” PM

“Kim is an amazing acupuncturist, and more importantly one of the most kind and sincere people I have ever met. She truly holds space for her patients and gets to know you as a whole person, not just the symptom you have that day. I met Kim through the Returning Veterans Project (RVP), and she has been a huge part of my success in overcoming chronic pain and other ailments. There is something incredibly special about a person who gives of themselves to care for others. Just this past summer I had a bad case of Turf Toe that I got while fighting forest fires, one visit with Kim and I had months of complete relief from pain. One of the many things I love about going to see Kim is how she can put points in which will inevitably make me go to sleep on the table. She is so incredibly gentle that I no longer even feel the points going in. You’re awesome Kim, THANK YOU!!” – BM

“I, being naturally anxious in just about everything in my life, I was anxious going into my treatment. Kim greeted me with a warm hug and welcoming smile, still a bit nervous, but not as much, I finished my intake and talked a little about other issues I may be experiencing. Afterwards we went over to the table where I took my shoes and socks off, laid on the table, and started the process, all with gentle direction, each motion calming me a little at a time. Kim then began to ask for any tenderness, other info personal to my intake, and life experiences. She does this with such ease you don’t realize that each time she’s asking you for a reason and insert needle, no pain at all. I also loved that she counted for me before the slight prick. This kind soul is great at what she does, she touched on previous issues that don’t even occur anymore just by her sensing my body’s energy. I am eternally grateful for being recommended to Kim because I went in with high qi and left in a complete zen state. I had a great night’s rest and woke in bliss. The last time I felt that was in May for a birthday massage. I live for days of bliss. Namaste Kim you are appreciated.” – CS

“I adore Kim. She is magic and the most amazing healer. I always feel better after seeing her.” -KM

“Kim is one of the most caring and compassionate people I’ve ever met. She truly cares for the people she helps and the difference she has made for me is amazing.” – MJ

”Kim is so skilled and intuitive. She always addresses your specific concern and then offers so much more. She has truly been a God send!” -DH

“Kim’s healing is the real deal. Her methods are supportive, calming and they work. Her intuitive and professional manner is spot on and I am my son experienced immediate relief on the table. Kim’s knowledge base is vast and approachable. Her remedies are also easy to incorporate into daily life to achieve positive results you can utilize at anytime. Thank you Kim I highly recommend your nurturing and quality wellness to everyone I know. Blessings.” -MB

“Kim! I have to tell you that my treatments are so successful, I am almost in shock! You treated my knee as an add-on extra thought due to a nasty fall I had on a sidewalk, and the potential for arthritis to “attack” that knee, and as of today, 2 days later after the treatment (2 weeks after my fall), the pain is TOTALLY gone! I can put weight on my knee when I need to sit up, walk, or anything needing the use of a knee! Thank you SO MUCH for helping me re-gain my healthier life. I just cannot say enough about your skills, your kind and caring demeanor, and uncanny knowledge as to how to help someone like me who is an entire train wreck. Thank you so much again! I will see you again on Friday and so look forward to my treatments. I thought I would just grow old and have to deal with all my “problems,” but that is in fact not the case now. BLESS YOU. I came in initially for smoking cessation which is obviously working after 20 years of unsuccessful tries, but have been amazed at the other services.” – SS

“Kim has been so amazing. From first contact with her, it was clear she truly cares and wants to help. In practice, Kim has been a fantastic mentor and her understanding of Taoist medicine is obvious. Kim’s work with my lady & me has been nothing short of miraculous. Thank you so very much.” -BJ

“When I first came to Kim, I was depleted from stress and had the beginnings of a shingles outbreak. Kim’s calm and attentive manner was reassuring, and her ability to tune into exactly what I needed was clear. Not only did the treatment stop the shingles, but I found myself dropping back into my center and accessed a deep peace and source of healing. Kim has both the skill and the heart of a true healer. Thank you Kim!” -KS

Some favorite stories that happened while in my care:

A 70 yo grandpa who was able to move his thumb after not doing so for 15 years; a 59 yo waitress able to move her big toe after not being able to do so for 20 years; a broken foot 100% healed after 1 month of herbs and acupuncture (MD was amazed!); 4 women got pregnant when previously unable to; countless women felt supported and gave birth naturally instead of being medically induced; 30 years of grief was left on the table after an acupuncture treatment, a good sob and then laughter; a 60 yo woman got her dream job with facial acupuncture work and qi gong energy work to clear her internal blockages; a horse rider was able to get back on her horse after an injury left her unable to walk properly or sleep for 5 years; an 82 yo gentleman with disabling lymphaedema was able to walk after acupuncture and herbal treatments; a 55 yo woman was able to get off her medication and heal her heart so she could deal with her upcoming divorce; a 50 yo breast cancer survivor was able to put on her favorite sweater after her lymphaedema went down; a 26 yo young woman was able to stably and successfully get off antidepressants after a 3 year withdrawal cycle with just 3 months of acupuncture and herbal therapies; a 39 yo mom was able to wake up with energy after being seriously depressed and ill so she could have fun with her kids; a 43 yo woman was able to get off opiates and live her life pain-free after 12 yrs of chronic pain; a 30 yr old man was able to be more productive at work after plantar fasciitis kept him limping in pain; a 75 yo grandpa cleared depression and improved his memory so he could have more time playing with his grandson; a 32 yo man reconnected with his father and was able to heal his broken, grieving heart; pregnant women were able to sit without hip or coccyx pain and eat food without acid reflux; marathoners were able to walk without pain after their race; dads were able to get some much needed R&R after the birth of their new baby; countless coughs and colds were cleared so people could go on with their lives; chronic seasonal allergies and bronchitis were avoided; people healed the emotional trauma after an MVA (motor vehicle accident); a disabling sinus infection was cleared so a woman was able to attend a convention she drove here from Alaska for; back pain was resolved so a father could drive to see his dying daughter; a singer’s voice was revived so she could sing at her concert; a new mom’s immune system was boosted so she didn’t get sick with her toddler; a new mom recovered from a c-section quicker than any physician had ever seen using herbs and food therapy; a celiac patient was able to heal her gut; teenagers were supported thru their hormonal changes and clear their acne to feel more confident; a lifetime of PMS and painful periods were stopped; a young ballerina was able to keep dancing professionally when her rheumatoid arthritis pain was managed; stress-induced UTIs were cleared with herbs; flights were flown without nausea; sciatic pain was healed so people could drive to work in a better mood; 4 yo twins were able to clear their asthma and avoid more ER visits; a 45 yo therapist was able to clear grief and pain so she could be more present with her patients; a 50 yo writer was able to be more clear and focused so she could finish her book; a 45 yo woman was able to clear her grief so she could stop using cigarettes and alcohol to cover up her feelings; a 60 yo gentleman avoided a trip to the ER when having an anaphylactic reaction; as 22 yo woman was revived after going into catatonic shock; Bell’s palsy was 100% cleared so a 26 yo young lady felt beautiful again; tooth pain was resolved so an owner could get back to running her business; a migraine was cleared so a woman could eat dinner with her best girlfriends, and; veterans have been receiving free treatments for the physical and emotional stress of duty (welcome home!).

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  1. Karen

    Kim is a wonderful acupuncturist. She has helped with my rheumatoid arthritis. She is very gentle and truly believes that acupuncture can help you heal anything!!!

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