Ginger Foot Soak Instruction

Ginger foot soak, a simple, great home care remedy for aches, pains, and colds (the kind with runny nose and aches). This lifesaver was taught to us by Dr Lillian Chang LAc, our teacher and founder of WMI.

What you need:

A pot of boiling water (about 6 quarts)


Two handfuls of fresh ginger

Half a handful of turmeric if you have pain

A plastic container you can fit your feet in

Two hand towels you don’t mind getting discolored



Chop ginger into small slices. I even grate some as well. Add to boiling water and simmer 5-10 minutes. If you have pain add the turmeric. Ginger moves the blood and turmeric gets rid of pain. Turmeric will color your skin and towels orange. Turmeric is a blood thinner so do not use if on another blood thinner.

Pour the ginger water into plastic tub and add some water to even out temperature.

Soak feet 3 inches past ankle bone for 15-20 minutes. For colds, it is best to have the heat travel up the spine until you feel it between the shoulders. This will expel the pathogen. Place one towel over the tub and ankles to keep the heat in.

If you have pain in a specific area then place one towel in the ginger turmeric water and place the wet cloth over the painful area. Add a second dry towel on top of the wet one to keep the body warm.


Perform when in pain, monthly as maintenance, and as needed.