Avoid the Flu that’s here

Oh Portland! It’s flu season over here! Want to avoid all that cough, sinus, and headache stuff? Come in for a treatment at the very first sign! Make an appt here: KimBoldrini.net/contact

What are the symptoms of this flu? It begins with a sore throat, then sinus congestion, onto deep cough, then dry asthmatic cough. It is seeming to last 2 weeks, and honestly, ain’t nobody got time for that! It is called a wind damp invasion.

I have been able to help every patient that has come in with first signs including one client who was getting on an airplane and was dreading being sick for a long flight and ruining her vacation.

If you do get signs and it happens to be 11pm on Saturday drink some mint tea and add the white part of the green onion bulb. Sounds gross, but it’s quite good. Avoid sugars, dairy, alcohols, and greasy or fried foods. There is a reason the flu happens around the holidays and it is because we are inundating our bodies with a lot of heavy “damp” hot, phlegmy foods when it is cold and windy and our bodies are going into hibernation time. To offset these holiday foods think light and clear. Eat cooling foods like watermelon, mint, cucumber, and lots of clear fluids and broths. Take higher doses of Vitamin C, Yin Qiao (depending on the brand an adult can take 1.5x dose every few hours), and the Wellness Formula by Source Naturals (3 pills 3x/day). Then come in and see me STAT! If needed I will come to your place. Anything to avoid this dreaded flu!