Wart Care


Warts are a common contagious skin condition, a benign skin tumor, caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). The virus can cause warts anywhere on the body and the most common are known as: common warts, flat warts, contagious warts, plantar warts and, venereal warts. In classic Chinese literature they are known as “one thousand day sores” (qian ri you).


Liver blood dryness, (wind or toxic pathogen attacks) or Kidney essence/Qi deficiency, with Phlegm and Blood deficiency.


  • Worry and depression injures Liver. Liver deficiency and blood dryness fail to nourish tendons. Wind evil enters in skin and muscle and give rise to warts.
  • Local trauma allows virus to invade the body when the immune system is deficient. It can also be transmitted from skin contact of other individuals or self-transmission from one area of the body to another.

Signs and Symptoms:

Common Warts mostly affect back of hands, fingers and toes. The initial lesion is as large as a pin of a needle or a soy bean, or larger extraneous growth. The top is loose and dry, like a lotus flower. It may appear as a single lesion or in clusters. Those that grow near the nails can grow into the nail beds. Common warts are generally painless unless squeeze, but plantar warts and those that grow into the finger or toenails can be extremely painful. Patient can feel pain. It bleeds easily upon bumping or rubbing. When the “mother wart” is healed, other warts may disappear by themselves.

Flat warts affects face or back of the hands in young adults. The lesion is flat firm papules with size varying from a pin to a soy bean. The color is light brown or close to skin color. Most patients do not have any abnormal sensation. In some cases, there is mild itchy sensation.

Contagious warts affect chest and trunk with round soy bean sized raised lesion. It is dipped in the middle, has wax like shiny surface. It may be scattered or clustered. It is commonly seen in children.

Plantar warts grow under the sores or in between toenails. The lesion is soybean size or even bigger cornified papules. It looks firm and tough. It is sensitive upon pressure. When there are many plantar warts, it appears like patches. Foot trauma or sweating can induce plantar warts. Plantar warts are commonly contracted from walking barefoot on wet surfaces of communal bathing areas, such as locker rooms and showers.

Venereal warts affects the junction of skin and mucosa, mostly affects anus and external genitalia. The lesion is pale or dark with cauliflower appearance. Patient experiences itching sensations.


I was dealing with a plantar wart, treating it and ignoring it for 2-3 years. I had it frozen off and used over-the-counter medicines without success. In our TCM class we were instructed to make an herbal dermatology product. I chose to make a formula for plantar warts using Sheng Ban Xia Fu Tie. I created and used this exact formula personally and it healed my warts in a little over two months. Success! So, I pass my experience onto you. Enjoy and happy healing ~

wart care

Product: got warts? formula, composed of all natural ingredients, unleashes the detoxifying potential of an ancient Chinese herbal tradition. Made with love.

directions: place small amount of got warts? on site of affected area & bandage or duct tape; change daily until wart disappears. Toxic, topical use only- not for internal digestion.

ingredients: untreated ban xia, Maui cane sugar, water.

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