CoronaVirus Journal: Interesting journey with CoVid 19 aka Wind Damp invasion aka Together in Life

My Journal/ journey with possible CoronaVirus Wind Damp Invasion: for educational purposes only, to show how this may or may not feel in the body and some actionable tips. I may have been exposed (gasp, actually it’s ok). After 8 days of pushing I finally got tested- Negative. I know I had a wind damp invasion which is the syndrome this falls into so I acted as such. I have learned so much from this virus, it is actually a blessing. So here we go, CoVid19 Together in life. Spiritual insight, practical tips, holistic approach.

Update: 5:30am 3:29: Early morning waking. After 8 days of continually calling DOH, my hospital, and other I finally got a test. I was negative. I asked the nurses administering the test as well as DOH if it would show if I had had the virus in past or just at that moment but neither knew. I still work at the hospital a couple of days a week so I am still at risk for transmission. It is a very sobering place to be. Now all walk around with a mask. Barely anyone talks or says hi. Working in a cancer hospital seems like it would depressing, but dealing with the air of death daily somehow causes the spirit to rise to a higher vibration and people are generally happier and warm and smiling. I remember when I first started a couple I worked with each morning at 7am told me how everyone seemed happy there and that it was a very special person that can work there. They said their son worked in finance and no one smiled or laughed or spoke in the hallways and everyone was so inside themselves. I never felt that in the last 19 years. But now, there is a hesitation when people want to hug or speak. They step back instead of forward. Everyone is self-isolating. I finally had my breakdown after 17 days of experiencing the changes since the virus. I closed the door, sat in my office, and just sobbed.

I have learned so many spiritual lessons from this. Spoken to the Earth in a way I haven’t since leaving Hawai’i 6 years ago. I thought her beautiful strong and powerful Spirit was just there, but I realize that’s where I met her. Maybe her name is Gaia. I called her Pele there as I thought She was protecting the Island. She is everywhere – it just takes more of an effort to hear Her in all this busyness. I do wonder if there are several spirits in all areas- that is a good next question.

My son and I sat in the yard the other day, basking in the sun. He said “mom, pull open your shirt and feel the warm sun air touch your belly – doesn’t it feel good!!” Wow, it certainly did! I remember when I lived in Hawai’i and ate my morning breakfast outside and did my yoga on the grass everyday; sat at the ocean and read my Chinese Medicine books or studies for my National Boards; sat in my favorite park next to one of my favorite trees and listened to what it had to tell me; felt the difference in the winds and when there was impending danger; when we had pot luck dinners and birthdays and celebrations surrounded by trees. There was such a palpable canvas of nature. I need that. We all need that. She is crying for us all to remember Her. This is an amazing video a friend sent that is a good reminder of the lessons. I am so, so happy that others are hearing Her too.

Oliver and I drove the other day and he said that now he is 5 he knows everything. So I implored “What is the meaning of life?” One word: “NATURE.” Wow ok. He does. I asked “have I done enough to help Her so far?” “Yes, but you need to feed Her.” Ok, noted. Asked another question and he said “I’m done.” Thanks for your input little Buddha. 💕. I remember when a friend’s son at 3 told us at our Hawai’ian Thanksgiving Day potluck on the beach “Kai (water) is life.” I remember thinking I just wanted to hang out with children every day and learn what they have to teach us. These children have it- they know. They get it. It takes so much for us adults to remember. I thank everyday for having a child to be able to remember what is/is not important. They should be in charge of the world, not the other way around.
Personally, the hardest lesson for me in this is finance. I am learning to surrender and speak my needs. I have lost 2/3 of my jobs including closing my clinic for now by orders of the Governor (who is doing a great job). It’s been about 3 weeks so far. I work at the hospital, but it’s not enough to cover rent for my home and office. I have some savings, but it will be depleted in a few months. I thank Dave Ramsey and the ChooseFI community for teaching me about personal finance or I would not have made it this year. I have been calling into unemployment daily. I’m up to 1000 phone calls. My frustration and asking for a change in how this is handled has led to being interviewed by two newspapers so far Associated Press and NY POST. I think Twitter really has power to make changes. My son reminds me not to get frustrated on the phone when trying to get thru. Thank you wise one. So I have done what I can. I wrote my landlords and said I cannot pay. One will take my security for the month, the other I’m not sure as they didn’t respond to my second request. I wrote my divorce lawyer and told her as wonderful as she is that I cannot pay her rate for this bill, if she can readjust things I am happy to pay when I can which she is ok for and wishes me health. I wrote my manger to get more hours. Thought I was working a few extra days which would have covered me another month or two but she denied the request. Upsetting, but glad I will not put myself or family in jeopardy and realizing the door is closing on this one. Trying to pivot my practice to more online, but patients are seemingly not open and I don’t feel it’s right for me either. One very spiritual patient reminded me I do not have to carry the weight and the Universe will heal all. So I will enjoy this time as a much-needed time out/ time in. Right now I’m not worrying. I remind myself I have food, water, shelter, and clothing. I have nature and family and friends I can speak with. I will not become homeless overnight, remembering that I already experienced that ultimate fear of becoming homeless with a child in December and I (We) made it.

I am remembering my Astral Lines and the lesson for this place. “You are challenged to persevere with your own personal interests and aspirations. Old behaviour patterns make you appear, from time to time, as someone pleading anxiously for recognition and confirmation. In these regions, you learn to abandon such practices. Your self-confidence grows, and you appear free and self-assured, and trust in your own abilities. These places promote your individuality and put a limit on the demands of the world…become aware of your real needs concerning career and family.” So reminiscing of the lesson from the Bat. So I have asked for my needs to be met. In some ways they are, in others they are not. I am looking for the spaces on which I can make adjustments. This virus is a great great teacher if we allow Her to be. CoVid19 (together with life). Now isn’t that just an amazing name?! Wow I didn’t see it until now! Beautiful! And perfect.

Now, look at the numerology – it is also amazing! I haven’t thought to do so yet, but as in everything there is perfection in timing. Both Oliver, my dad, and I were all born at X:19pm. Interesting. Anyway. See this numerology site:

“Numerology of …19 make it very powerful and very positive…if 19 makes an appearance in your experience, it should be heeded as a message from spirit… when the number 19 occurs in your experience, it signals a renewal of the primal energies that inform our lives. This represents a state of balance and peace from which the energies of life pour forth.” Yes, this time is all about a message to our Spirit and regaining balance of self, society, and the world.
“The Sun card, the number 19 shines a light on all other energies surrounding it. The image on the Tarot card The Sun is a bright sun shining on a small child who is riding upon a pristine white horse and has thrown off its garments like a soul shedding the past.” Shedding huh? This virus is certainly shedding something!
“In the I Ching, the 19th Kua is usually translated as ‘Approach,’ meaning the approach of Spring or the approach of good fortune. It can also, however, refer to the approach the truly great take to life. The Superior Person has inexhaustible affection for the people. Nothing hinders him in his care for them.” This is seen in all the wonderful medical staff, Governors, Senators, and business people who are transitioning to make anything essential. This is indeed a time that highlights our approach in dealing with this virus. Yes we have to be smart, but are we fear-based or trusting/ surrendering? Are we hoarding or sharing? Are we caring or harming? Is our Spirit or ego running the show? Is our government affectionate for the people or is it harsh? The Light always does prevail.

Some other helpful things:

Horse Stance Qi Gong Helpful to ground the spirit and increase immunity. This teacher is really great and has a wonderful inexpensive subscription service.

Great Awakening the Planet Needs Conversation with a Buddhist thinker and Environmentalist.

Dave Ramsey: Financial Education: make sure you have 3-6 months of emergency savings! The best teacher I have had about so much of life!

Choose FI (financial independence): Financial Education and great life hacks! Love these guys! They are doing great daily podcasts to address financial needs in this time. One necessary item they spoke about was an emergency binder. Created by a former hedge fund manager. It’s discounted 40% until 3/31. Make sure you fill it out. I bought mine a year ago and commit to finishing it this week.

On a practical note, make sure you finalize: Wills, living revocable trusts, transfer-on-death beneficiary bank/retirement forms, health care proxy forms, and 15-25 year term life insurance policies. Get life insurance outside of your employer because if you lose your job (as many have) you lose your policy. For those with dependents get 10-12% worth of term life for each spouses’ income, 250k for stay-at-home spouses, and (I suggest) a bit more for those with multiple minor kids or special needs children. Get all T’s crossed and I’s dotted. This is a test of times. Unless you have a net worth of 3-4 million it is necessary if you have dependents and inexpensive. My rate is $800/year for a 30yr 850k policy. I have a little more for comfort as I am a single mom and it was a negligible difference. I personally use Health IQ and also appreciate Zander Insurance Brokers for good rates. Health IQ gives a discount for being health-conscious. Get a $10k child rider to cover funeral and some time off for grieving. Make sure if you are a single/divorced parent to put the beneficiary as your Living Revokable Trust! Minor children (<18) are not permitted to receive the money so it will go probate which will waste a lot of time and money. If you’re single- choose a guardian for the child and maybe a separate financial person to oversee investing your nest egg so it always is growing and doling out funds for the child based on your specific wishes.

Stay away from Whole life, Universal, or Gerber whole life child policies. Check Dave Ramsey about the whys, but it is 10x more expensive and you do not get the cash value you thought you would have, plus any premiums you paid do not get put towards the value. If you only invested the difference per month into a Mutual Fund you’d be a few hundred thousand dollars better off. Make sure you have long term disability insurance as well. We have a 25% risk of being injured and disabled due to work. It happened to my family and luckily we were prepared. Many employers or Associations have this which is great. Shop around – I found my association had a new group discount which is about $400/year for good coverage which is a lot less than I originally found. Go for 180 waiting period if you have 6 months of emergency savings and you will save about 40% rate per month (spend more right now if you don’t have the savings, but make it a priority!). Now onto Renters/ homeowners insurance (yes we are covering it all). A month ago a friend’s apartment was badly damaged by smoke from a neighbor’s fire and said the costs to clean and replace were incredible. She spent $10k on the cleaning alone for a 2 bedroom apartment. I asked how much she suggested for renters insurance and she said make sure it is at least 50k, not the customary $25k. ChooseFI just mentioned the company Lemonade has a great reputation for ease of use and quick payouts. Maybe worth a look. If you’re 60 get long-term care insurance. Many times the first spouses passes and uses up all investments leaving the remaining spouse suffering. A friend is helping her parents with this crisis right now. They are middle income and own a house, and are paying several thousand a month out of pocket for care because they own assets and do not quality for state insurance. Another friend spent $120k/year for end of life care for their mother who lived a lot longer than doctors anticipated. Just be prepared.

Times of crisis remind us that when we die (it’s ok!) we either leave our families with rock-solid stability feeling well-cared for, prioritized, and supported, which allows them to step back, grieve, heal, and create. OR we leave them in drowning in a financial mess which leaves them struggling not only with grief, but with the added financial stress of not having enough coverage the mortgage, worrying where they will live, how they will feed and clothe themselves and children, and cursing our names for being ill-prepared, cheap, bad with money, and unorganized. No bueno. We can do better.

Trauma and stress causes illness in many forms. From unresolved grief and Lung/ Intestine: colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, IBS, colitis, other GI issues, or any new/ flare-up of an autoimmune disorder; from crown chakra and abandonment or feeling cut off from self/ other: headaches, depression, forgetfulness, suicide; from Heart: UTIs, heart problems, immediate death; from Worry and Spleen: digestion issues, menstrual issues, miscarriage, fibromyalgia, diabetes, or hoarding mentality; from Fear and Kidney issues: severe back pain, knee pains (often from loss of a father), memory issues, kidney issues; from unresolved sadness/ frustration/ anger in the Liver/Gallbladder: alcohol/ drug use, migraines, severe or recurring chronic illness, Breast Cancer. It causes severe issues with the root chakra going all the way up to at least the solar plexus and often throat chakras. It can trigger a person to make desperate decisions which can lead them into loss of power with employers or choosing an abusive relationship with a waiting and welcoming predator where they choose financial stability over self-worth. Just check the story of Ghislaine Maxwell’s crisis after her father’s death and financial demise, meeting Jeffrey Epstein, and the subsequent sexual violations of hundreds of young girls at their hands if you need a reminder of how bad the effects of financial desperation can really be. No one wants that for our loved ones. Being well-prepared leaves the next Seven (7) generations with a karma of thoughtful calm resilience. Wow, that’s nice. 💕

Trump Inc Podcast. One of my personal fav podcasts for investigative reporting. Keep an eye where this relief $ is going. Now, on an interesting note I had done some Akashic work regarding DT on 2/28. He came up as a whale and left. In their newest podcast they speak about a finance whale.

The Strangest Secret, by Earl Nightingale. Recorded in 1956. His voice, words, and teachings are so calming and are as relevant and necessary today.

Deepak meditation. A good listen.

Riya Sokol: Thank you CoronaVirus A very powerful beautiful video of the infinite beauty of this time.

Pandemic Poem by Lynn Ungar

What if you thought of it
as the Jews consider the Sabbath—
the most sacred of times?…. (more in link)

Feng Shui tips for Pandemic by Gwynne Warner-Donavon:

  • This is such a treasure from my late Feng Shui Grandmaster Lin Yun. A simple yet powerful mudra as an antidote for obsessive worry.

    When you’re feeling continual, obsessive or upsetting thoughts, place your left hand on top of your right hand, both palms facing up and position just below your heart. Begin to roll your thumbs away from your body while imagining you’re “spitting out” and unwinding bad thoughts, letting them go. Imagine, see, know and feel these thoughts are gone and continue until your mind feels calm and free. Roll whenever the obsessive thoughts return.
  • Immune Boosting Qigong with the fabulous Master Liu He. 8 minutes and feels amazing!
    Immune Boost Qigong
  • Clean and check for needed repair of all sewers, plumbing, waterworks, air conditioning, heating vents, and electrical systems as they affect the immune, circulatory and nervous systems of your body. And furnace filters!
    As you check these systems, open and shut all the faucets and turn all the light switches on and off, visualizing that you’re strengthening your immune system and feeling yourself protected.
  • She is offering a FREE series over in FB group “18 Days of Feng Shui Practices, Meditations to Support You During Our Collective Time of Retreating and Restoring.” Can be sent via email. I took a class of Hera in Portland and loved her pragmatic holistic approach!

Essential oils. I just found my wonderful hydrosol from Portland Apothecary (now called Ula Botanic) and have been spraying it for the last two days. It’s called “Desert ritual mister.” I added a few drops of Melissa (lemon balm) which clears trauma and oh my, has it made a huge difference!! I first learned about Melissa in regards to clearing the trauma of a newborn child and any stress they experienced while they were inside. You place a small amount (in a carrier oil) along their spine, top of head to feet. I brought mine to the birth and it was one of the very first things I did for Oliver after he was born.

After starting some very good dance parties in China and NY I thought it would be fun to create a playlist of songs to get you dancing, sweating, and smiling. My Qi Gong video for immune system and healing pain is also here.

What more can I say? There is something greater than us at play here. We must surrender. It takes a lot of humility and letting go of ego. Have you cried yet? If not I imagine it’s hiding and wants to come out. Take a break. Worry less about finances. All will be healed. There will be deaths. The number had to be extreme for all the people of world to learn the lesson. All theses souls came into the world with a plan- they knowingly sacrificed themselves for the greater good, so let us remember to pray and give them thanks. I only hope it was not in vain. Yes, this seems like a crazy idea, but when you realize the ethereal journey of the soul you will understand. Those countries who lost more had more to learn. America seems to be most in need. We can all learn what is really important to our spirit and where we belong. All our unnecessary struggles will be shed. Get out in Nature. Take care of your Mother, friends, family, loved ones, and strangers. Think about how you are coming across and what are you shedding? Are they rainbows? 🧚🏼🌈 If not make adjustments. What are your dark natures teaching you? Good, listen really well to these! We have to go there to lighten up! What are your lightwaves teaching you? Where are you being guided? Where do you feel safe? Where do you feel you? Who are you and what are you here to do? 💕💕💕

Update 5:30pm 3/15: I am totally asymptomatic and I believe anything I had has left my body. I should know by Tuesday for sure. I have been working the land daily and sweating, being outside, and breathing good clean oxygen. I have drank ginger tea a lot, added a coffee drink this morning, and kept up my herbal regimen. I did enjoy some pizza last night which I would normally not do in this situation. My tongue has completely changed- no dampness on it at all. This was after it got progressively more damp over 3 days. I do not feel any tightness in chest. Breathing is 100% clear and crisp. No fever, no heat, no cold. Mind is clear.
Spiritual update from working with the water and land today: It goes into the relationship between animals and human. Very interesting. I got the visions of animals suffering while humans watched because they do not want to “interfere.” Mother Earth calls bul*shit on this. She says we help dogs and cats and feed birds. She says our excuses are all fear-based and we should never fear one of these animals in need. They will be so appreciative the entire species will come to our call when needed. If a dog sees a human or cat or dog drowning it will jump in and save it. The dog then gets a medal and is called “man’s best friend.” She asked us to think about what animal would ever call a human their best friend? She said we only feel safe with animals we can control, domesticate, and slaughter. We do not appreciate them or what they can offer all of us. She said animals do not respect humans the way they respect other animals because of how we act and destroy. She said this has thrown off the chain because we are not responsible to Earth and we should be because we have the highest capacity to care for all. She said She has added viruses to clear out humans for natural selection, but they keep defying her and not learning lessons from the illnesses and blaming animals and others. It was a truly profound and sobering insight. ….So, simply put if you see an animal in the wild struggling Please help it out. Also, remember to get out in nature and clean Her up for at least 2 hrs. I have spent that about daily since Thursday and these lessons keep coming, so the more we do the better we will also be. 💕🌻

Update 8am 3/13: I think so much cabbage may not be the best for my belly- bloated and gassy ;). Some chest discomfort, but also was stressed as was getting pushes from people I love to stop this conversation out of their own fear of people getting upset. Regardless, I will carry on. The messages are too important. Anyone that is open to learning the lessons this illness brought is welcome here. We are safe. Remember: Compassion and Reassurance are its lessons.

Lesson from this morning: Interesting- so yesterday I was in Nature and She said “Don’t fear snakes or bats or spiders etc. If one comes to you and bites you, you have to learn what they were here to teach.”  I wondered why I thought of a bat as I never worried about bats biting us. Early this morning I was speaking with one of my closest friends and he mentioned that the CV was thought to be carried by the bat. Interesting! I didn’t know that at all. So I was looking up the totem meaning for a bat and it resonates quite highly. 

Before I get into the meaning, looking at the totems is about finding the lesson. So here, what if we looked at things instead of 

“this animal carried this horrific terrifying disease that’s going to get us all sick and kill us…..” 


“this Sacred animal was carrying an important amazing beautiful message specifically in this moment for me/us. What is it and how can I learn from it to grow my soul?”

I know we are all not there yet, but for those who are growing a hat would change if we saw that Nature is an ally, not an enemy. It’s trying to wake us up to very important things for our soul.

A few takes on the bat totem. Note- I have changed all pronouns to us/we/our as it is more powerful.

“When the bat totem makes its presence, it means that we have to prepare for major changes and transitions. We need to be aware of everything that’s happening around us and rely fully on our senses, as well as on our clairvoyant and psychic abilities.

Contrary to popular belief, the bat meaning is not of death and destruction. At least, not in a literal sense. It signals the end of something in your life, like a job, a relationship, a friendship, or even a leasing contract. It can even symbolize the end of bad habits and old perceptions you have about yourself.

Bat symbolism aims to help us transition to this new phase in life smoothly and easily. Everybody goes through major life changes, but not everyone can do it without falling apart. 

The meaning of the bat also encourages us to turn to your support system when we are going through something challenging. We need to be around loved ones because they will make sure that nothing bad happens to us, and that we are nurtured and well taken care of.

The bat spirit animal is also a sign of good luck and prosperity. If the bat totem flies its way into our life, be very excited because great things are in store! This is a call to make the necessary changes and sacrifices so that we can experience our own personal rebirth. It’s time to let go of old habits that are no longer compatible with our new goals and ideals.

The bat can also signify a new deal that we will be undertaking, or a new situation that we will be facing. Having the bat symbolism in life allows us to reach new heights and enjoy freedom like we have never experienced. Everyone’s gut reaction when seeing the bat totem is one of fear, but this should not be the case. Fear is unnerving and paralyzing, it forces us to step out of our comfort zones and conquer our fears. By facing our fears, we are taking charge of your emotions and bringing our life to where we want it. We are not giving in to fear, nor are we giving it power over us.”

Another one: “Bat is free of conventional ideas, he trusts his own inner instincts… he trusts his vibes.  Bat is a magnificent symbol of being a free spirit.  Bat has learned, and now embodies one of the most powerful gifts one can possess, and that is to follow the vibrations emanating from within. 

Following instincts, intuitions and inner vibes things begin to click… like the echo location of the Bat.  The things that begin to click for us once we follow our inner vibrations are the culmination of the things that follow.

It takes trust to follow our inner vibes, particularly in the beginning… oh but the reward is so sweet… synchronicity, coincidence, serendipity and kismet begin sprinkling down from the Universe ~ this is the sign from the cosmos that we are doing it right, we are now in accord with the vibrations of flow.  

When we are in the vibration of flow, following our own inner guidance system begins to be second nature as we develop trust with it and with ourself.  Once we trust ourself we can begin seeking the hidden gifts that have been within us all along ~ have confidence that you will be guided in this area too.”  (This is my personal favorite as it really resonates),

Another one: “When Bat Totem works with us there is a symbolic need for a ritualistic death of some kind. It is time to look at what is in our life that no longer suits a new growth pattern that we are entering. It might mean that we need to let go of some old habit that is hindering that growth. Bat comes almost like a beacon signalling a time for rebirth. We need to let the old ways of doing things or thinking die away so that the new can be born into us.

If we resist this part of our destined journey, we find that the way is long and drawn out. It can make the necessary death of old ways and thoughts much more painful. When bat totem shows itself we must have the courage to “die the Shaman’s” ceremonial death and move forward into a new way of thinking or start new life patterns. The old ego must be buried away symbolically to allow the “new” us to surface.

That may sound a little creepy and certainly a little scary but Brother Bat reminds us that this renewal of ourselves is important and has to happen for us to grow into our destined path. ~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related”

On an important scientific note, we can also learn from the bat: “Compared with terrestrial animals, bats have a longer lifespan and many roost densely with millions of others in caves, meaning they potentially come into contact with more viruses and they circulate easily between them.

While bats are known to carry several high-profile viruses, they don’t seem to suffer from them — with the exception of rabies. One theory posits that flight, which is shared by all bats but no other mammals, has allowed bats to evolve mechanisms that protect them from viruses. Flying elevates the bat’s metabolism and body temperature — similar to a fever in humans and other mammals — and scientists say this, on an evolutionary scale, could boost a bat’s immune system and make it more tolerant of viruses.

‘The current hypothesis among scientists is that the bat immune system has been adapted over centuries of evolution due to their flying ability,’ said Giotis.”

So what do we need to learn? We need to keep our immune system up by raising our temperature and vibrations. Sweat, be outside with loved ones, and get in sync with our surroundings. Don’t fear change, be prepared, get in alignment with our true calling and trust that the universe has our back. Open our third eye so we can walk our path blindly and trust ourself, our abilities, and our bodies. Use our senses and get in touch with our body and the world so we don’t hurt or injur a neighbor. Also be practical and save precious resources and have a 3-6 month savings account. If our spirit soars because it is happy and is on its path then it’s flying and our immune system will be even stronger!

Native American Bat Totem:

Update 10pm 3/12: Asymptomatic. Still doing healing work. This song and the importance of it wants to be known. If we all sang daily, wow! what a thing we can do!
the Lakota water song:

Update 3/12/20: 6:30pm. No symptoms! At one point in my hike I was a little short of breath. After doing Qi Gong that has cleared. I have also been adding Vitamin C powder with bioflavanoids and taking Ge Gen Tang and Ding Chuan Tang. My other herbs didn’t arrive today as the herb shop is super busy. Sticking with what I have. Ginger tea, super hot shower with super cold at end, shiitake mushroom and cabbage and herbal soup for dinner. Will continue to monitor my immune system and respiratory tract.

Update: 3/12/20: 12pm felt warm. Had some soup and delicious cabbage and tofu with pickled asparagus brine (thank you Oliver!). Went outside and planned on doing Qi Gong. But instead nature guided me to the water. I spent the last 2 hrs clearing a stream of stuck branches, rocks, and leaves. Where there was little flow now there is flow (no more Qi Stagnation). So that’s all I thought there was to it. No I kept going. I have been out for 2.5 hrs – got a good sweat on also. More and more clearing. Nature kept talking- I kept listening. She has a lot to say: She misses us first off. She wants us outside and not on our phones. The rocks and trees have souls and are family members and do not wish to be separated from each other so please be respectful when moving things. Also, she’s TIRED!!! She says she is like mom who works 24/7/365 and has done so for thousands of years! I never even thought of that! She needs us to chip in 2 hrs/week to give back to her and suggested we all read “The Giving Tree” again, but put in Mother Earth instead. Next note from her: the animals are here to teach us lessons. Don’t fear snakes or bats or spiders etc. If one comes to you and bites you have to learn what they were here to teach. That was very important for her to say so we can hear. 

Also, She said there is an issue in America where we have lost our tribes. And She said the word “tribe” is very important because it means a group of people who live by the same path. America, she said, is too big- too many different people with too many different ideas. It’s creating havoc and making us all ill and no one is taking care of themself/ family/ each other/ Her. She suggested finding people who you actually really align with and spending QT with them especially outdoors. And again, promise to take care of her 2 hrs/week by cleaning up. Also have compassion for other tribes as they have their own rules and that’s ok. Just find yours.

Qi Gong Healing / immune system boost video:

Day 1: 

I was speaking with a woman whose husband may have been exposed at work. She showed no symptoms. We were 10’ away speaking for about 15 mins. At one point in the convo I got a headache that felt like a band around my eyes and felt a dull ache at my back near the lungs. Hmmm – an interesting and new sensation. This is called a Wind Damp Cold Invasion. It seems to work differently than other invasions. It seems to linger in the air, like a cloud. Hand washing may be helpful, apparently hand sanitizers do not dissolve the lipid proteins. Probably opening the windows and getting outside is best. Maybe the infected wearing a mask will help, but she was asymptomatic and so she did not have one. Not sure a non-exposed person who is wearing a mask will be helped as it hits from on top and behind like a surprise Ninja move attack. Not your normal-into-the-mouth like a wind heat invasion or onto the neck like a wind cold. Doing Qi gong and Tai chi are probably best as it increases the distance of your immune system. 

I am thankfully very in touch with my body and feel most symptoms within moments of exposure from anything. I did not freak out. I left our convo, gave her some herbs, and immediately went into my Far infrared sauna to sweat it out. About 30 mins later, I had a small sweat on my body and less headache. An hour later, no headache, but an ache in the front of my ribs and slight feverish feeling in my elbows (heat invasion). Massaged my elbows and ribs and did long slow deep breaths. That cleared it. 
I expect most people will not feel the first sign so they won’t take necessary food or herbal medicines. They won’t quarantine and stop the spread. It’s also so hard as we are a social animal and telling someone else you’re sick goes against our human nature and there is a lot of fear of being seen as “bad” and being shunned/ expelled from society which will stop people from taking action if they know they’re sick. I myself am guilty as a friend dropped by an hour after this exposure after I told him I may be sick. I felt a need to talk instead of put up a barrier and walk away. I still feel guilty, but am clearing that.

What I’m doing:
First off, self quarantine – means even Oliver is not with me right now to stop the spread. Thankfully, I have parents that are willing and awesome and some sick time at one job and my patients are very wonderful in me postponing clinic. The Universe said 6 days so likely staying in for a week. Let’s see what I can discover and do.

I don’t have everything at home, but I have supplements and herbs that I know the properties of even if they’re not the perfect formula, and some good food. I am pretty healthy, but a few pounds overweight and my lungs and spleen are still weak from childhood. So I need to be vigilant,  as well all do. 

Food and drink: 

I didn’t eat a lot (not very hungry). Avocado and bone broth soup with ginger and white green onion bulb and cooked and ate a whole container of shiitake mushroom with coconut oil. 

Sea weed – lots of it! It helps drain dampness. 

Definitely no snacks or sugars. Though I had a strange craving for potato chips in the early afternoon prior to the exposure which was very unlike me. I think my body craved it as it wanted to experience this illness.

First off, immediately after exposure I took the Wellness Formula and Jade Windscreen. They were key at for first signs of infection with many immune boosters and anti-virals; Jade windscreen is an immune modulator adaptogen which aids immune system, but is also good for people with auto immune disorders. 

Later when I got home I took extra Vit C, D, E, Zinc, an apple cider vinegar throat spray and gargled, NAC to help lung function, and medical mushrooms Reishi which helps with blood flow to the heart, stops cough, and is a beautiful spiritual plant that helps you feel grounded (very necessary for everyone right now) and Cordyceps which strengthen the lungs, prevent dryness, and expel phlegm from the lungs (dampness). 

Before bed I took a damp clearing formula Er Chen Tang as well as a “wind cold” expelling formula Ge Gen Tang that has ephedra to expel the invasion thru sweat. 

Water metabolism and sweat is key. 

And again, my favorite Ginger tea!!! All day long! It gets everything moving in the body.


Baihui Du 20, feng shi gb 20, Hegu Li 4, Shen que Ren 8, LIeque Lu 7, Pian Li Li 6, Wen Liu Li 7. Slept with points in all night. 

Far infrared on back lung area. 

Day 2: 

Woke with a little headache though more likely due to sleeping poorly on a pillow. 

VERY foggy headed. I was barely able to do calculations for making myself an herbal formula and couldn’t think straight at all. I went outside and got fresh air. Much better. 


Again little craving for food, though constantly drinking ginger tea. 

Chinese herbal soup that has Huang Qi, lychi, lotus node, etc to help strengthen spleen which will help clear damp- 4 bowls throughout day. I added white wood ear for Lung function. 

Sea weed all day. 

Peed a lot which was great to drain the damp (phlegm that we may or may not feel in the chest)


Immune boosters Vit C, D, E, zinc, Reishi and Cordycep mushrooms, Er Chen Tang, Ding chuan tang which has apricot seed to help open lungs, expel phlegm, and stop wheezing. 

Ordered a proper wind damp formula Huo Po Xia Ling tang + Hu Zhang which will be arriving tomorrow as well as more points and Moxa to warm the spleen and help clear damp phlegm. Got this info from Botanical Biohacking – a great podcast of Chinese Medicine Herbalist/ practitioners.


Baihui Du 20, feng chi gb 20, Hegu Li 4, Shen que Ren 8, LIeque Lu 7, Pian Li LI 6, Wen Liu Li 7, Yin Ling quan Sp 9, feng long St 40, T(d)an Zhong Ren 17. 

Far infrared pad on back all day long. Between 116-127°. 

Day 3: 

No headache. Clear mind. Some tightness/ ache in ribs / back. 

Slightly phlegmy when laying down. Spit up clear sputum 2 hrs after waking.

Good regular bowel mvmt upon waking which is a great sign things are moving along.

Update: 12pm felt warm. Had some soup and delicious cabbage and tofu with pickled asparagus brine (thank you Oliver!). Went outside and planned on doing Qi Gong. But instead nature guided me to the water. I spent the last 2 hrs clearing a stream of stuck branches, rocks, and leaves. Where there was little flow now there is flow (no more Qi Stagnation). So that’s all I thought there was to it. No I kept going. I have been out for 2.5 hrs – got a good sweat on also. More and more clearing. Nature kept talking- I kept listening. She has a lot to say: She misses us first off. She wants us outside and not on our phones. The rocks and trees have souls and are family members and do not wish to be separated from each other so please be respectful when moving things. Also, she’s TIRED!!! She says she is like mom who works 24/7/365 and has done so for thousands of years! I never even thought of that! She needs us to chip in 2 hrs/week to give back to her and suggested we all read “The Giving Tree” again, but put in Mother Earth instead. Next note from her: the animals are here to teach us lessons. Don’t fear snakes or bats or spiders etc. If one comes to you and bites you have to learn what they were here to teach. That was very important for her to say so we can hear.
Also, She said there is an issue in America where we have lost our tribes. And She said the word “tribe” is very important because it means a group of people who live by the same path. America, she said, is too big- too many different people with too many different ideas. It’s creating havoc and making us all ill and no one is taking care of them self/ family/ each other/ Her. She suggested finding people who you actually really align with and spending QT with them especially outdoors. And again, promise to take care of her 2 hrs/week by cleaning up. Also have compassion for other tribes as they have their own rules and that’s ok. Just find yours.
Qi gong video for immune systems boost:


Ginger tea again (I am drinking so much I ordered another huge bottle).

Er chen tang, Ding chuan tang, Ge Gen Tang, NAC, Vit C, D, E, Reishi and Cordycep mushrooms. 

Far Infrared heat pad lying on back while writing this up 😉

Will take the Huo Po Rx when it arrives today. Thank goodness for having good a herbal company that will ship next day, though I miss my 5 Portland herb shops within a 15 min radius. 

Other: breathing long deep and slow. 

Sweating. Going to do some Qi Gong and physical exercise to get a good sweat. May use my far infrared sauna if I feel like driving.

Food and drink: 

Shiitake mushrooms, and Chinese herbal soup. Likely will have non-gmo tofu later on for a little substance. 

Regular warm/room temp lemon water intake every 15 mins and my fav Ginger tea! 

No snacks, no sugar, no alcohol, no greasy fried foods. No meat as it takes the body a lot of effort to break down animal proteins so I’m going vegetarian right now. Bone broth may be an exception as I have a good supply and don’t know how to make Tofu taste so well. Shiitake mushrooms will be a huge part of my diet as well. Ordered a 1 lb dried order also. 

The keys I am finding is expelling damp thru the right foods and sweat. Even if we don’t have all of these herbs of anything the food and mental choices we making will make a difference.

Foods to clear damp: cabbage (thank you Oliver! for your intuitions and suggesting we buy this the other day!!), bok choy, asparagus, sea weed, gobo root, shiitake mushroom, ginger.

Akashic Record on this virus: (I am only beginning working with this): this came as is a reminder for us all to have compassion for each other as well as reassurance that we need to work together and that we can handle this both individually and as a society. There were some souls who came to this earth to sacrifice themselves to teach us this. Don’t let their life be wasted on this lesson.
Helpful Foods: bok choy, cilantro, celery, garlic, onion, white pepper, soups, non-dairy, kimchi, water with lemon, lemon.
Qi Gong, Horse stance.

My 2¢: This is a damp condition that is partially the result of global warming and a natural result of spreading illnesses from various climates. It comes as a warning sign from Mother Earth herself. Thru my spiritual work I learned that she’s pissed at us for not taking care of her or ourselves. We need to have compassion for all. Don’t blame the Chinese or someone from CDC for spreading it. Don’t point fingers at those exposed. We need to be reassured that we are all responsible so we can empower ourselves to fix it. I honestly believe this is coming as a necessary “correction” for us all to make some necessary changes in society with food and self-directed health and wellness- care. We have been complacent and sluggish now this comes as a explosive sign that it’s time to make a seriously progressive change. It’s not another “let’s make a mandatory vaccine” correction. This damp invasion will not be stopped with a vaccine. It requires us to do more for ourselves and Earth than that. It can be stopped with mental and lifestyle changes, food and herbal medicine.

A colleague of mine has found that high doses of Vitamin C are helping him on his possible CV journey.

Sweating daily is necessary to expel dampness. Our sitting all day at a desk job, lots of sitting looking at our phones / watching TV, and hours of commuting is actually injuring us – this is a good reminder of it. Myself included. We need movement! Get the kids outside. Sweat! 

If you don’t have a sauna you can work out or do Tai Chi/ Qi Gong.

Knowing your body and listening to the very first sign is also key. Eating well right now and when infected are even more important.

Many humans aren’t in-tune with their bodies anymore and I think this is a key figure to stop the transmission. To get more in touch I created a video.

Here is a simple Qi gong skill that can help you learn the healing power we all have inside us (kids especially love this!).

Wishing you well!