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I Ching: throwing coins to follow your path

Not quite Hansel and Gretel but almost…  The I Ching [Yi (E) Jing] is also known as the Book of Changes. It is likely written in 2000-3000 BC and is one of the bases for Daoism. I find it a wonderful help in guiding me through some of life’s questions. It is meant to assist you on your path so you can be in tune with your own nature. It is really and truly wonderful

The Daoist ideal is to have crystal-clear perception that enables you to move naturally at the right time. Wasting no effort, and having clarity. Wu Wei – the art of ‘doing without action’ or doing nothing yet accomplishing everything. It means to be so in touch with our environment and the people in it that our actions flow naturally from the situation – go with the flow...

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Meet my friend Judy and her mandalas

Aloha folks –

Meet my friend, Judy Haselton. She has a new website up and running and is showcasing her wonderful array of healing mandalas!! Her caring personality and amazing artistic skills have added so much love and light into our school- they’re just absolutely wonderful!

The mandalas are available for purchase and I highly suggest getting one because waking up to a vision of healing is most profound!

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