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When to see your Acupuncturist

When to see your Acupuncturist

So, a patient walked in and I asked how he was doing – “Well, if I was doing well I wouldn’t be here.” I hear that sometimes, but did you know you don’t have to be sick or in pain to come in for a visit? So here is a little snippet about when to see your Acupuncturist, when I go, and what I experience from a practitioner’s point of view.

Quick answer – go often, go for anything, go for nothing, go for everything. Everyone should come in at least once per season at minimal (think of it like watering a plant). If you really want to get specific, come at the corresponding time related to your chinese animal...

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Avoid the Flu that’s here

Oh Portland! It’s flu season over here! Want to avoid all that cough, sinus, and headache stuff? Come in for a treatment at the very first sign! Make an appt here:

What are the symptoms of this flu? It begins with a sore throat, then sinus congestion, onto deep cough, then dry asthmatic cough. It is seeming to last 2 weeks, and honestly, ain’t nobody got time for that! It is called a wind damp invasion.

I have been able to help every patient that has come in with first signs including one client who was getting on an airplane and was dreading being sick for a long flight and ruining her vacation.

If you do get signs and it happens to be 11pm on Saturday drink some mint tea and add the white part of the green onion bulb. Sounds gross, but it’s quite good...

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Healing ourselves of the Flu epidemic

The flu season is amongst us. The media reports hit on increasing hospitalizations and nation-wide death tolls, 59 of those being pediatric. However, only 23.3% of those hospitalized are positive for the flu.7 So why the hysteria? In the times of mass hysteria, informing yourself is key. Peter Doshi, a researcher whose graduate thesis from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine focused on the politics of influenza policies, wrote in the British Medical Journal: “If CDC (Center for Disease Control) viral surveillance data is correct, then in recent years true influenza viruses have only caused an average of 12 percent of influenza-like illness.” 1


Week 5

No of specimens tested


No. of positive specimens (%)

2,362 (23.3%)

Positive specimens by type/subtyp...

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Essential Oils

In our latest class we discovered the wonder of using acupressure and essential oils to clear inflammation and stagnation before and instead of needles! If you get emotionally upset, have PMS signs try Citrus on your liver/gallbladder area. (Do not apply citrus before going into the sun).

I am attaching some great handouts so you can try at home! And no, I do not have any affiliations with any MLM company, use whatever oils you like.

110 Uses for everyday oils

Everday Oils vs OTC


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Flu season prevention

Todays topic focuses on a recently-asked question about flu season prevention tips and Chinese herbal recommendations.

Influenza is an exterior pathogen that is carried thru the wind and enters either thru the skin (wind-cold) or the nose and mouth (wind-heat).

Wind-Cold enters thru the skin and impairs the function of the lung and affects the nose, causing nasal obstruction and discharge. Yang (the body’s warm energy) is most likely to be damaged and this is characterized by symptoms such as chills, fever, headache, no sweat, and soreness and pain of the limbs, as well as a white tongue coating and fast pulse.

Wind-Heat attacks the body through the nose and mouth. The Lung is involved first. Wind-Heat is yang (hot) in nature...

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Ear infections and antibiotics

A great article on ear infections and why antibiotics do not work.
I had chronic ear infections as a kid (and now recently as an adult from surfing) and the use of antibiotics has only led to more problems, namely called damp heat.

“The use of antibiotics may tend to injure the Stomach and lead to the formation of a residual pathogenic factor in the ears that is usually Damp Heat. A residual pathogenic factor in the ear from the improper use of antibiotics is the most common cause of chronic ear pathology in children.”

Read a link below;
ear infections and antibiotics

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Bronchitis, or excess heat in lung (Qi level)

As a child I suffered from many ear and sinus infections and had bronchitis with asthma twice a year (March and August). I took so many antibiotics I could prescribe myself! 😉 But the illness kept coming back. I never thought that it shouldn’t, I thought I had a propensity to being sick…but now I know the illness just never cleared. I told my doctor I felt like there was humidity in me. That is what it was: heat and phlegm. I now know the real issue wasn’t being addressed and antibiotics were only creating more heat, and driving the illness further in.

Educate yourself for you and your family.

Excessive Heat in the Lung:
Also called heat in the chest and diaphragm...

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Why antibiotics are NOT the answer to viral infections

Every illness starts with a cold, a common cold, runny nose, sore throat, head ache, chills, fever, body aches. There are generally two kinds of colds: one that creates sore throat (wind heat) another that creates runny nose (wind cold). If the cold is not properly treated, it will go further into the body. Proper treatment in Chinese medicine differs greatly from that in Western medicine. In my experience, Chinese medicine allows the pathogen to exit, in Western medicine, antibiotics drive the pathogen further in, creating a more severe and chronic illness as well as a harder pathogen to fight off. This leads to the problem of over-medicating and creating super-bugs. There are better solutions. The only things you need are an open mind and some new vocab words…here we go 🙂

Prevention i...

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Nutrition input

Comprehensive Nutrition information!

Want to know what to eat and how the foods you’re already eating will help? I can’t think of a better more comprehensive list. Click here!

Five element differentiation


Beef: neutral, sweet, Sp & St Qi & Blood Tonic

Lamb: warm, sweet, Sp, Ki, Qi Tonic, Warms Interior

Venison: warm, salty, Sp Qi Tonic, Produces fluids, subdues Reb. Qi

Pork: neutral, sweet & salty, Sp, St, Ki, Lubricates dryness (Ni: sl. cold)

Duck: neutral, sweet & salty, Lu, Ki, Facilitates water passage, reduces, swellings

Chicken: warm, sweet, Sp, St, Qi Tonic, Warms Interior

Chicken egg: neutral, sweet, Blood tonic, lubricates dryness

Egg white: cool, sweet, detoxifies, lubricates Lu, cools hot sensations, ben...

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Blood deficiency

Functions of blood:

Nourishes the body
Moistens the tissues (eyes, tendons, ligaments, skin, hair, tongue)
Provides material foundation for mind (anchors the mind so it can flourish)
If one does not have enough blood the mind can become restless, anxious, sleepless, irritable, and dissatisfied. Symptoms such as numbness, dizziness, and palpitations can occur. As well, eye sight, flexibility, menstruation, immune function and fertility can be affected.
It is important to work on the Spleen, Liver, and Kidney.
Ways to do it:
Blood building foods:
Blood building foods, due to their high concentration of iron, vitamin B12, and folic acid, are an effective way to relieve anemia, fatigue, paleness, coldness of the body, and amenorrhea.
Eat: Animal liver, brewer’s yeast, bone marrow soup, and b...
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